Covid-19 Crisis Relief Initiative

The only thing to do at times like these is come together and care for each other.


In light of all the unrest, we are choosing to continue to feed our community. This Saturday we will be at the OC Fair & Event Center for our third distribution there, to continue expanding our reach. Power of One stands strong with the belief that all humans are equal and one. We join our hurting county in solidarity by continuing to serve. Since March 2020 we have witnessed communities coming together to care for each other. This can and must continue. Our Covid-19 Crisis Relief Initiative has a mission of hope and vision of love. Power of One Foundation (POOF) – along with our incredible partners, supporters, and volunteers – has providing for almost ONE MILLION individuals in Orange County, LA County, San Bernardino County, San Diego County & Ventura County, CA through our Covid-19 Crisis Relief Initiative’s Emergency Food Assistance and Emergency Diaper Assistance Programs.

On average, 1 out of every 8 Californians does not know where their next meal will come from. 4.6 million Californians faced food insecurity, 1.7 million being children, before Covid-19 hit; those numbers have only increased with the pandemic’s devastating repercussions. We all have been impacted by this state of emergency in ways that will affect us well into the future – many have lost their jobs, others are furloughed, some business owners may never open their doors again, and all face uncertainty as Covid-19 continues to take its toll on the nation.

WHY [Purpose of POOF’s Covid-19 Crisis Relief Initiative]:

With many states having been declared disaster areas by the federal government, including California, and the world facing a brutal pandemic and its repercussions, the need for food and other assistance is greater than we’ve seen in modern history. POOF and ONOLB together with our ever-expanding network of partners have decided to remain on the frontlines, supporting the most vulnerable during the Covid-19 crisis in our Santa Ana and Orange County communities. POOF is dedicated to providing for the most vulnerable during this great time of need.

WHAT POOF’s Covid-19 Crisis Relief Initiative & Programs

Due to the dire need for food assistance caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and now the rioting & looting, Power of One Foundation (POOF), Official No One Left Behind (ONOLB), CAP OC Food Bank, Northgate Markets, The Angels Organization, The City of Santa Ana, and many other incredible partners have joined forces to provide our Emergency Food Assistance (EFA) Program through our Covid-19 Crisis Relief Initiative for the communities in and around Orange County in the form of weekly drive-through food distributions. POOF is now supporting multiple EFA Distributions every week; our largest one remains on Saturdays.

Our Program has 3 branches:

1) EFA Drive-Through Distributions

2) EFA Agency Deliveries

3) EFA & EDA Curbside Pickups


Working together to help others and create something meaningful in the lives of others

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