California produces nearly half of the nation’s fruits and vegetables, yet 1 in 8 Californians currently struggle with food insecurity.

In Orange County alone, 32, 000 school-age children are homeless or housing insecure. 129,000 kids may well be going to bed hungry on weekends and during summer vacation.

A quarter of California’s children under the age of six are living in poverty, more than 750,000 children. In Orange County, 27 percent of children under the age of five live in poverty.

Today, nearly 350,000 Orange County residents struggle to get their food needs met on a regular basis, and the number is growing. This isn’t for lack of available food in our community but for lack of access to affordable, good food options for low-income residents. 400,000 people in OC are officially poor.

The 2017 federally mandated snapshot, taken every two years in Orange County, recorded 4,792 homeless people, more than half living without shelter. 357 were homeless military veterans. The central part of the county — including Santa Ana, Huntington Beach, and Costa Mesa — had the bulk of the unsheltered homeless population.





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